SEO analysis of your current website rating, 6-8 pages report with detailed recommendations Yes Yes Yes
Keyword research up to 5 keywords up to 15 keywords up to 30 keywords
SEO optimization up to 5 pages up to 15 pages up to 30 pages
SEO plugins: Yes Yes Yes
WWW redirect Yes Yes Yes
Google analytic Yes Yes Yes
XML sitemap creation Yes Yes Yes
Google webmaster tools + XML map registration Yes Yes Yes
Bing webmaster tools + XML map registration Yes Yes Yes
Share site plugin Yes Yes Yes
Follow us plugin Yes Yes Yes
Submit your site to 400 Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Alexa, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Submit your site to 2,000 Online Catalogs Yes Yes
Video promotion to 65 channels (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.) 1 video a month 2 videos a month 4 videos a month
Local listing registration (Yelp, Google locals, Yellow pages etc.) 15 directories 30 + directories 50+ directories
Coupon and Deals submission 20 catalogs 30 + catalogs 50+ catalogs
Quality Link building 15 links per week 25 links per week 45 links per week
Social Media – business account set up: Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest. Yes Yes Yes
Social Media marketing (creating posts): Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest once a week 3 times a week
Google PPC campaign setup Yes Yes
Google PPC campaign management (Google budget is not included) once in 2 weeks every week
Product registration on Google and Bing shopping Yes
Cross promotion on Amazon Yes
Cross promotion on Ebay Yes
Monthly Promotional newsletter Yes
Monthly cost (3-month minimum) $950 $2,100  $3,500
One-time payment – 15% OFF! $2.850
$425 off
$945 off
$1,575 off



You can always order any of SEO/SEM/PPC services separately. Please, click on the links below to view each service description and price.